Education and Outreach Workshops and Events

New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund coordinates and conducts free educational workshops and outreach events across the state on various topics depending on available resources.

Workshops cover:

  • Fair housing and lending laws
  • How to spot predatory lending
  • Foreclosure rescue scams
  • Rights of tenants during foreclosure
  • Identity theft
  • Where to go for help

Nearly 5,000 people attend our education programs on an annual basis. Since the New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund first began offering its education and outreach programs, more than 120,000 individuals and families across the state have received information on one or more of these topics.

contact NJCAEF at 732-246-4772


NJ Citizen Action Education Fund provides individual and small group sessions on basic financial topics delivered to groups at their sites or at one of our offices across the state. NJCAEF’s Financial Education Program utilizes a 14-lesson curriculum that covers such topics as basic banking, budgeting and money management, understanding credit and repairing credit issues, saving and investing on a shoe string budget, understanding taxes and insurance, purchasing a car, purchasing and maintaining a home, fair housing and other consumer protections, foreclosure prevention, avoiding predatory lending and other financial frauds, and using technology.

NJCAEF’s Community Reinvestment Campaign
NJ Citizen Action Education Fund and the Citizen Policy negotiate Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) agreements with many banks in NJ for below market rate mortgages, discounted home improvement loans, construction & permanent financing for non-profit housing developers, & small business loans for women and minority owned businesses.

NJCAEF’s Financial Education Project
Financial Education Project provides consumer education workshops on fair housing and predatory lending. We also offer training on basic banking, budgeting, & money management, credit, housing, healthcare, & telecommunications/utility choices. Workshops and training are offered at off site settings and at our Financial Education and Technology Centers in Newark.

A HOME OF HER OWN: Women’s Housing Initiative:

In addition to individual counseling sessions, NJCAEF provides group education and informational sessions on our first-time homebuyer counseling program.

New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund’s A Home of Her Own: Women’s Housing Initiative is a statewide program that reaches out to low- and moderate-income women heads-of-household who are currently renting their homes.

Over the past 15 years, NJCAEF has coordinated more than a dozen Women’s Housing Initiatives for nearly 10,000 women. These events, which are typically two hours in length, give first-time homebuyers information on the homebuying process, affordable mortgage programs, understanding their fair housing rights and how to avoid predatory lending scams, and basic information on NJCAEF’s housing counseling service.

Learn more about this program by watching our video, “A Home of Your Own: New Jersey Citizen Action’s Loan Counseling Program” (links to our Multimedia page, for different viewing options).

NJCAEF Counseling Service
The NJ Citizen Action Education Fund is a HUD-certified loan counseling agency with 6 offices throughout the state. We provide one-on-one personal counseling sessions and help low & moderate income consumers repair their credit, get discounted mortgage products, and discounted home improvement loans. We also provide crisis counseling for homeowners facing foreclosure.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Citizen Action:

NJCAEF’s Housing & Foreclosure Counseling Service
625 Broad Street, Suite 270
Newark, NJ 07102