In-person Healthcare Enrollment Assistance


For more information or to make an appointment:

call NJCA at 973-273-0315 or 1-888-829-3711

165 Halsey Street (store front office)
Newark, NJ 07102

US citizens and legal residents can apply

5 Things you should know about why you should enroll…

Here are the facts:

  1. You could get help paying for your insurance.  4 out of 5 people who got covered in New Jersey qualified for financial help
  2. Every plan covers the essentials including doctor visits, preventative care and prescriptions.  There are different types of plans available to fit your needs and your budget.
  3. If you applied last year and didn’t qualify for financial help, try again this year – you may qualify.
  4. If you don’t have insurance in 2017, you might have to pay a fine of $695 or 2.5% of your household income, whichever is more.

New Jersey Citizen Action offers free in-person application help at our office in Newark.  A Certified Application Counselor can answer your questions and guide you through the application process.

Call with questions or to make an appointment:  1-888-829-3711

Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm

Address:  165 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ 07102

Do you qualify for Medicaid?

You may be eligible if:

  • Are between the ages of 19-64 years old
  • Are a single person with an income of less than $14,856.00
  • Have a family of four (4) with an income less than $30,656.00

You can enroll now if you have a Qualifying Life Event”

There are several situations that could allow to get coverage during the ¨Special Enrollment Period” such as a “Qualifying Life Event”.  These include:

  • Getting married
  • Having a baby or adopting a child
  • Moving to a different area
  • Experiencing a error
  • issues with Medicaid qualification and/or other complicated issues
  • A loss of coverage due to divorce, death in family
  • 26 yr old losing parents coverage.
  • Changes to your income
  • Changes in your immigration status
  •  Leaving incarceration
  • Gaining status as member of an Indian tribe. 

Citizen Action Education Fund offers free in-person application assistance in English and Spanish at our Economic Security Center in downtown Newark, NJ. One of our Certified Application Counselors can work with you to answer your questions and guide you through the application process.

LOCATION: 165 Halsey Street (storefront office) in Newark, NJ 07102  Click here for a Map and Directions to our Center 

HOURS: Monday through Friday from 9AM-5PM

CALL: if you have questions, or to make an appointment, call NJCAEF at 1-888-829-3711

Consumers with general questions on healthcare issues can call NJCAEF’s toll free Consumer Health Helpline at 1-888-NJ GET WELL (1-888-654-3893) [link to Helpline page]


MUST BRING (for all household members):

• Social Security Numbers (or document number for legal immigrants)
• Birth Dates
• Employer and income information (for example, pay stubs or W-2 forms)
• Policy numbers for any health insurance plans for your household




OPEN ENROLLMENT: If you do not secure insurance, you may have to pay a penalty. THERE ARE SOME CIRCUMSTANCES WHICH MAY QUALIFY YOU FOR SPECIAL ENROLLMENT (see below for more information). 



Beginning October 1, 2013, new federal rules changed Medicaid eligibility. NJ FamilyCare now includes: children, pregnant women, parents/caretaker relatives, single adults and childless couples. Financial eligibility is determined by the household’s latest federal tax return which, when filed, will be electronically verified.

• Children 18 and under are still eligible with higher incomes up to 350% FPL ($82,425 for a family of four). Parents still need to renew the coverage each year.

• Parents/Caretaker Relatives with income up to 133% FPL ($31,322 for a family of four) must have tax dependent children in their household in order to be eligible under this category. This is a new Medicaid Expansion eligibility group. Dependent children in the household must be insured also.

• Adults without dependent children with ages 19-64 and incomes up to 133% FPL ($15,282 single/ $20,629 couple) are considered to be another new Medicaid Eligibility Expansion Group.

• Pregnant Women up to 200% FPL. There are no changes to pregnant women.

• Aged, Blind or Disabled programs or Long Term Care, there are no changes in eligibility.

If you don’t qualify for a special enrollment period

If you don’t appear to qualify for a special enrollment period, or if you apply and the Marketplace says you don’t qualify, you have the following options:

• You can appeal a decision to deny you a special enrollment period.

• You can apply for Medicaid and NJ FamilyCare coverage if you think you may qualify. Medicaid and FamilyCare provide health coverage for some people and families with lower incomes or disabilities. There’s no limited enrollment period for Medicaid or FamilyCare. You can apply any time. If you qualify you can enroll immediately.

Important: If you don’t have minimum essential coverage, you must either pay a fee or have an exemption from paying the fee.


Special thanks to our Sponsors and Partners: New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund would not be able to provide these free services to individuals and families without the help of our sponsors and partners:

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New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund is monitoring the Coronavirus situation and following the guidance set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and various US state and local government entities. Our first priority is the health and well-being of those individuals with whom we work and serve. Therefore, effective immediately our staff will be working remotely and will provide services over the phone. To find a complete list of our staff, programs and services, click here.

For loan counseling and financial coaching clients your application process will remain the same. One-on-one sessions will be provided via telephone and video conferencing. For questions about healthcare enrollment or the Census, call (973) 643-8800, extension 210. For any other information please visit our website at for updates or leave a message in the general mailbox and it will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member. Thank you and stay well!

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New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund está monitoreando la situación del Coronavirus y siguiendo la guía establecida por los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades, la Organización Mundial de la Salud y varias entidades gubernamentales estatales y locales de los Estados Unidos. Nuestra prioridad es la salud y el bienestar de las personas con quienes trabajamos y servimos. Por lo tanto, con efectividad inmediata, nuestro personal trabajará de manera remota y brindará servicios por teléfono. Para encontrar una lista completa de nuestro personal, programas y servicios, haga clic acquí.  

Para los clientes de asesoría de préstamos y asesoramiento financiero, su proceso de solicitud seguirá siendo el mismo. Se proporcionarán sesiones individuales por teléfono y videoconferencia. Para preguntas sobre la inscripción de atención médica o el Censo, llame al (973) 643-8800, y marque la extensión 210. Para cualquier otra información, visite nuestro sitio web en para actualizaciones o para dejar un mensaje en el buzón general y será enviado al personal correspondiente.

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