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New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund and our partners at the NJ for Health Care Coalition are working hard to ensure that all New Jerseyans affected by COVID-19 have access to quality affordable health care.

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Murphy has provided much-needed protections and waivers for NJ patients, including requiring hospitals and Federally Qualified Health Centers to WAIVE COVID-19 testing fees for the uninsured.

On March 10th, Governor Murphy announced the State’s efforts in supporting consumer access to COVID-19 screening, testing, and testing-related services. This waiver includes emergency room, urgent care, and office visits related to COVID-19 testing for the state’s individual, small and large group markets; the State Health Benefits and School Employee Health Benefits Plans; NJ FamilyCare’s CHIP population; and the state’s uninsured population, eligible for the Charity Care program.

Click here to see the complete press release.

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Don’t have health insurance? You may be newly eligible for coverage if you have been affected by COVID-19. NJCAEF is here to help and provides free enrollment assistance in English and Spanish. Email us today at to find out if you qualify for:

✅ Special Enrollment through the ACA Marketplace
✅ NJFamilyCare or Medicaid
✅ COBRA (Continuation of job-based insurance)

Hablamos Español. NJCAEF staff will return calls/emails within 48 hours.

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