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NJCAEF’s Fair Share Solutions for New Jersey

New Jersey can have a strong economy that invests in our people and our future but not while we’re giving billions to giant corporations and protecting tax cuts for millionaires. We must work together to educate the public and policymakers on the need for FAIR SHARE SOLUTIONS FOR NJ.

  • Public investment in bridge repair, clean energy installations, health care and schools improve our state and expand good paying jobs. We all do better when we all do better!

NJ’s corporate give-aways have skyrocketed to historic levels.

  • Corporate subsidies have soared since 2010, with five times more dollars committed in the last five years, than the last 20 years combined

Policymakers have solely relied on massive corporate subsidies to grow our economy, and it hasn’t worked.

  • NJ ranks 46th in the nation for economic growth, and 2nd worst for long term unemployment. Our state is one of only three states where the poverty rate is rising

It’s time we start putting the people of New Jersey ahead of giant corporations and millionaires. We can invest in our future so that every New Jerseyan has a good job, can educate their kids, and support and care for their families.

Together, we must educate policymakers on the need to prioritize investments that benefit us all, and end corporate giveaways that jeopardize our future.

Policymakers should consider the following Fair Share Solutions:

  • Ensure NJ’s wealthiest residents pay their fair share
  • Freeze and reform tax subsidey programs for corporations
  • Close corporate tax loopholes
  • Invest in what matters: good jobs, transportation, public worker pensions, education, health care, a clean environment, and more.


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