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NORTH JERSEY:   A Layer of Protection Against Surprise Medical Bills (Editorial)
June 7, 2018

NJ SPOTLIGHT: Governor Signs Nation’s Strongest Law on ‘Surprise’ Medical Bills
June 6, 2018

THE PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY: N.J. Joins Multi-State Fight against Federal Birth Control Coverage Exemption
May 31, 2018

THE HILL: New Jersey Governor Signs Health-Care Mandate into Law after Federal Repeal
May 31, 2018

NJ SPOTLIGHT: NJ Leaders Scramble to Protect Obamacare Gains Against Federal Threat
May 25, 2018

THE PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY: N.J. Health Department Offers $4.3M to Reduce Black Infant Mortality
May 9, 2018

GOVERNING: As Other States Have Abandoned Efforts, New Jersey Passes Individual Mandate
May 9, 2018

THE PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY: N.J. sick leave now guaranteed under new law
May 3, 2018

NJ SPOTLIGHT: Dollar for Dollar – Gender Pay Equity Law Signed by Governor Murphy
April 25, 2018

April 24, 2018

WHYY: New Jersey Enacts Equal Pay Law
April 24, 2018

THE RECORD: Equal Pay: Closing the gender pay gap in New Jersey
OP ED by Dena Mottola Jaborska, NJCA Associate Director
April 23, 2018

ASBURY PARK PRESS: New Jersey Leads the Way on Equal Pay
OP ED by Dena Mottola Jaborska, NJCA Associate Director
April 20, 2018

THE RECORD: Registering to Vote in New Jersey will Become Automatic by End of Year
April 17, 2018

INSIDERNJ.COM: NJCA Statement in Response to Bob Hugin’s Sanctuary Cities Statement
April 16, 2018

NJTVONLINE.ORG: NJ lawmakers look to implement state-level individual mandate
April 16, 2018

BLUE JERSEY: Protesting the Trump/MacArthur Tax Scam
April 15, 2018

NJTVONLINE.ORG: Dems Push Agenda Through Legislature Amid Some Budget Fears
April 12, 2018

THE RECORD: Surprise Medical Bills Could Become a Thing of the Past in New Jersey
April 12, 2018

INSIDERNJ.COM: NJCA/NJ Statement on the Passage of the Out of Network Consumer Protection Act
April 12, 2018

INSIDERNJ.COM: Workers, Small Business Owners, and Advocates Celebrate the Passage of Earned Sick and Safe Days Legislation for New Jersey
April 12, 2018

U.S. NEWS: Lawmakers send Murphy Some, Not All, Bills in Liberal Agenda
April 12, 2018

NJ SPOTLIGHT: Pain Relief for College Students Overburdened by Loan Debt
April 12, 2018

INSIDERNJ.COM: The New Jersey Time to Care Coalition Members Celebrate, Discuss Significance of Earned Sick Days Bill Poised to Pass Thursday
April 10, 2018

NJ SPOTLIGHT: ‘Surprise’ Medical Bill Advances, with Hospitals on Board
April 8, 2018

NJ211.ORG: Organizations Promoting Free Financial Literacy and Resource Tools
April 2018

NJ SPOTLIGHT: Pleas for Increases in State Aid as Murphy’s Budget gets its First Close-Up
March 29, 2018

THE RECORD: Equal Pay for Women, Sick Time for All Workers on the Way to Becoming Law in New Jersey
March 26, 2018

NEWARK PATCH: Less than One Month Until Tax Day, File Your Taxes for Free
March 26, 2018

TAP INTO: Westfield 20/20 Sponsors Healtchare Forum with NJ Citizen Action
March 24, 2018

NJTVONLINE.ORG: Assembly Committee Advances Equal Pay Legislation
March 19, 2018

NJ101.5.COM: Equal Pay Bill Allowing Six Years’ Back Pay Races Towards Passage
March 19, 2018

WBGO.ORG: NJ Lawmakers Consider Pay Equity Bill
March 16, 2018

THE JERSEY JOURNAL: After Equifax scandal, Menendez bill would guard against hacks
September 22, 2017

THE STAR LEDGER: Menendez bill seeks to protect private data
September 21. 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: Overhaul opponents mobilizing against latest GOP bill
September 21, 2017

THE INQUIRER: At MacArthur’s office, a skirmish in the health-care battle
September 20, 2017 Woman joins Peace Corps, Hoboken girl wins pageant
September 19, 2017

LINK NEWS: 9th Annual Back to School Health Fair Seeks Huge Attendance
September 6, 2017

COURIER-POST: Healthcare problem solvers intent on sabotage of ACA
September 4, 2017

THE PATCH: Gottheimer’s problem solvers creating new problems
September 1, 2017

NEWARK PATCH: Newark Labor Day Rally Will Support ‘Fight For $15’
September 2, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS: It took a trip to D.C. to learn Smith’s views
September 1, 2017

Hunterdon Review: Progressive Hunterdon Democrats to host resistance meeting in Flemington
August 29, 2017

NJTV NEWS: Changes to ACA open enrollment period this fall
August 25, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: MacArthur seeking support for health care plan
August 17, 2017

THE RECORD: Gottheimer seeks bipartisan fix to ACA
August 16, 2017

NJTV NEWS: New Jersey healthcare advocates rally to preserve ACA
August 1, 2017

WESTPORT NEWS: Governors Urge Bi-partisan Work on Healthcare
July 27, 2017

NEWS 12: Gov. Christie signs 72 bills, surprising some Democrats
July 24, 2017

THE RECORD: Attempt to undercut ACA is mean-spirited
July 24, 2017

NJ.COM: Christie vetoes paid family leave expansion
July 24, 2017

HERALD NEWS: Trump officials end health law help in 18 cities in U.S.
July 21, 2017

THE RECORD: Trump officials end health law help in 18 cities in U.S.
June 21, 2017

TAP INTO MONTCLAIR: Essex County Freeholders Pass Legislation to Support Minority-Owned, Women-Owned and Veteran-Owned Businesses
July 21, 2017 Hobby Lobby’s hypocrisy; let’s get a fair health bill
July 18, 2017

HOME NEWS TRIBUNE: The Daily Rundown
July 13, 2017

IRVINGTON HERALD: Smith honored by Essex County freeholders at Jewish Heritage Month Celebration July 13, 2017

THE TIMES: Support paid leave changes
July 13, 2017

PEOPLE’S WORLD: State budget struggles affect workers: Four now solved
July 10, 2017

THE STAR LEDGER: Support family leave act improvements
July 8, 2017

SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD TIMES: Peyton’s Peek at the Week in Politics
July 6, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: Making headway before adjourning
July 6, 2017 You may soon be protected from those surprise out-of-network medical bills
June 28, 2017

THE STAR LEDGER: Senate OKs measure shielding patients from surprise bills
June 28, 2017

NJ SPOTLIGHT: New plan for Horizon could require insurer to turn over funds to NJ
June 27, 2017

HERALD NEWS: Medical bill measure goes to N.J. Senate
June 27, 2017 Senate committee advances measure to protect N.J. patients from surprise medical bills
June 26, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS: Oscar comes back to N.J. health market
June 22, 2017

NJ SPOTLIGHT: Would reforms to small-business tax, minimum wage, family-leave fix NJ economy? June 13, 2017

NJTV NEWS: Advocates and critics await Christie’s decision on Paid Family Leave reform bill June 12, 2017

NRCC: Lizette Delgado-Polanco Elevated to Political Director at Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters June 12, 2017

SUNDAY STAR LEDGER: NJ reps vote to kill rules on Wall Street
June 11, 2017

THE RECORD: Rally in Wayne protests exit from Paris deal
June 9, 2017

SENTINEL: Focus on Benefits for Family/Medical Care
June 7, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: Trump to help raise funds for MacArthur
June 6, 2017 Democrats to hold forum for congressional candidates in 7th District
June 5, 2017

THE STAR LEDGER: Her Surprise Medical Bill
June 4, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS: Murphy ‘laser-focused’ on primary
June 2, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS: Lawmakers want broader family leave
May 24, 2017

SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD TIMES: Protests to Continue Outside Lance’s Office
May 25, 2017

THE RECORD: Lawmakers want to expand New Jersey paid family leave
May 24, 2017

NEW JERSEY LAW JOURNAL: Broad Expansion of Paid Family Leave Proposed for NJ
May 23, 2017

COURIER POST: An ‘unhappy birthday’ party for Donald Trump
May 16, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS: Rape pre-existing condition?
May 14, 2017

COURIER POST: MacArthur faces anger, frustrations at marathon town hall in Willingboro May 12, 2017

COURIER POST: Unfriendly reception for MacArthur
May 12, 2017

THE TRENTONIAN: Republican who helped pass health overhaul meeting voters
May 11, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: Hundreds protest healthcare bill
May 11, 2017

CBS PHILLY: Rep. Tom MacArthur’s Health Care Vote Draws Protesters In NJ
May 11, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS: Protests greet MacArthur at town hall
May 11, 2017

THE STAR LEDGER: Town hall crowd in ill humor for Rep.
May 11, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: Protesters plan rally at MacArthur gathering
May 9, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: Voters See MacArthur as Savior, Target
May 7, 2017

COURIER POST: MacArthur town hall to be held in Willingboro
May 7, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: House passes health care bill
May 5, 2017

WEST ORANGE CHRONICLE: Remembering Longtime West Orange Activist Ruth Bardach May 4, 2017

SUNDAY STAR LEDGER: Trump’s plan to ax safeguards will be ruinous for New Jersey
April 30, 2017

THE RECORD: Obamacare is still the law of the land, despite repeal efforts
April 29, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: Health care bill revision draws mixed reviews
April 27, 2017

DAILY RECORD: Rep. MacArthur takes lead on new GOP bill
April 27, 2017

TAP INTO IT MONTCLAIR: Montclair Fund for Women Awards Grants to Local Area Nonprofits April 26, 2017

eNEWS PARK FOREST: “No Beds, No Boots, No Wall” Demands National Grassroots Network April 25, 2017

NJ SPOTLIGHT: Trump Budget Cuts Could Leave Poor NJ Residents in the Cold
April 21, 2017

INSIDER NJ: New Jersey Citizen Action Buzzes MacArthur’s District
April 17, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: Middle Ground: Tom MacArthur responds to attacks about his health care vote from both sides
April 13, 2017

NJTV NEWS: Investment Advisers Could Put Personal Interests Above Clients
April 12, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: GOP moves on without health care overhaul
March 26, 2017

HEALIO GASTROENTEROLOGY: NJHA, AARP voice concern ahead of House vote on American Health Care Act
March 24, 2017

OCEAN STAR: National Organization for Women Forum/Networking
March 24, 2017

PHILLY VOICE: At South Jersey meeting on GOP health plan, news of a vote delay
March 23, 2017

COURIER POST: Democrats cite harm to NJ from Republican health bill
March 23, 2017

THE RECORD: Dems cite harm to NJ from GOP health bill
March 22, 2017

COURIER NEWS: Dems tell gov: Talk with Trump
March 22, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: MacArthur to vote “yes” on GOP health care overhaul
March 22, 2017

NJ.COM: Hunterdon activists ask Freeholders to support Obamacare
March 21, 2017

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Democrats cite harm to NJ from Republican bill
March 21, 2017

NJ BIZ: GOP’s American Health Care Act: “The end of Medicaid as we know it”
March 20, 2017

THE PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY: Governor contenders weigh in on U.S. health care bill
March 19. 2017

WESTFIELD PATCH: N.J. Activists Plan Healthcare “Stakeouts” in Wesfield
March 16, 2017

OCEAN CITY PATCH: N.J. Activists Plan Healthcare “Stakeout” Outside Frank LoBiondio’s Office 
March 15, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES:  N.J. Activists Plan Healthcare “Stakeout” Outside Frank LoBiondio’s Office
March 23, 2017

COURIER NEWS: Stay informed, stay engaged
March 12, 2017

NEW JERSEY HILLS: Local grass root groups to protest Lance health care vote Friday morning
March 9, 2017

HUNTERDON REVIEW: New Jersey Citizen Action, locals, will rally Wednesday outside Rep. Lance’s Raritan Township, Westfield offices
March 8, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: MacArthur to hold in-person town hall in Ocean County
March 5, 2017

COURIER POST: “Obamacare” repeal could leave NJ seniors strapped
February 27, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: MacArthur meets with protesters
February 26, 2017

HERALD NEWS: Casualties of an ACA fast repeal
February 23, 2017

COURIER POST: MacArthur critics hold town hall
February 23, 2017

HOME NEWS TRIBUNE: Protesters gather at Lance town hall
February 23, 2017

HOME NEWS TRIBUNE: Lance braves critics in “vigorous” meeting
February 23, 2017

THE COURIER-NEWS: NJ to lose billions if ACA repealed, advocates say
February 23, 2017

THE COURIER-NEWS: Big stakes for Central Jersey in Obamacare repeal effort
February 23, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS: Angry constituents slam away at Lance at town hall
February 23, 2017

THE RECORD: Casualties of an ACA fast repeal
February 23, 2017

THE RECORD: For lawmakers, angry voters ready to vent
February 23, 2017

CITIZEN: Rep Lance’s chief of staff defends town hall ticketing distribution
February 22, 2017

THE STAR LEDGER NEWARK: Angry voters ready to vent at lawmaker
February 22, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: Think tank: ACA repeal would have dire effect
February 22, 2017

THE RECORD: ACA repeal could be costly
February 22, 2017

THE JERSEY JOURNAL: Payne to protesters: “The resistance must build”
February 21, 2017

UNION COUNTY LOCAL SOURCELocal movements push back against Lance’s position
February 16, 2017

COURIER POST: Officials refusal to hold town halls prompts a visit from protesters
February 16, 2017

THE TIMES: Don’t let consumer watchdog be defanged
February 14, 2017

HERALD NEWS: Judges refuse to reinstate the travel ban
February 10, 2017

WESTFIELD LEADER: Protests to Continue in Front of Lance’s Office
February 9, 2017

THE RECORD: Trump to take aim at Dodd-Frank Act
February 4, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS: As Obamacare deadline looms, N.J. wonders what’s next
January 31, 2017

THE COURIER NEWS: Officials criticize immigration orders
January 31, 2017

THE COURIER NEWS: ACA beneficiaries facing uncertainty
January 31, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS: Protests Arise in NJ Against Trump Order
January 30, 2017- Neptune, NJ

THE RECORD: Protests Erupt Over Refugee Ban
January 29, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS: Do Tax Anticipation Loans Make Sense?
January 29, 2017

U.S. 1: How to Avoid Out-of-Network Charges
January 27, 2017

ECHOES SENTINEL: Group “VOW”s to hold reps accountable under Trump
January 26, 2017

THE PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY: Bill Would Require Drug Screening for High School Students
January 25, 2017

COURIER NEWS: NJ Filers May Wait Longer for Refunds
January 24, 2017

January 23, 2017

THE STAR LEDGER: Your N.J. tax refund may be delayed this year, state says
January 23, 2017

THE RECORD: Women’s March on Nation’s Capital
January 22, 2017

THE TIMES:  Plea to thousands at N.J. women’s march: ‘Don’t let this be your last
January 21, 2017

THE TIMES: Unity, anger and calls to action highlight massive Washington Women’s March
anuary 21, 2017

COURIER POST: Crowds for Women’s March on Washington exceed expectations
January 21, 2017- WASHINGTON

COURIER NEWS: Central Jersey teens, families go to Washington for inauguration
January 21, 2017

THE TRENTONIAN: Women’s March on D.C. Offers a Chance to Stand United
January 20, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: Advocates for Health Law Rally Outside MacArthur’s Office
anuary 19, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS:Lawmakers Being Urged Not to Kill Obamacare
January 19, 2017

HERALD NEWS: Health cares advocates hold vigils at Republican offices
January 19, 2017

COURIER POST: Marlton vigil draws ACA supporters
January 18, 2017

THE SUNDAY STAR LEDGER: N.J. sending 300 buses to Women’s March on Washington as ticket prices soar
January 18, 2017

THE STAR LEDGER-NEWARK: Buses at Premium for Women’s March in D.C.
January, 18, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS: Shore lawmakers told to keep Obamacare
January 18, 2017

THE TIMES RECORD NEWS: So long from White House: Obama aims final messages at Trump
January 18, 2017

BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES: Trump’s Health Policy Still Hazy
January 16, 2017

ASBURY PARK SUNDAY PRESS/ COURIER POST: Call to Enforce Existing Laws to Aid Tenants
January 15, 2017

ASBURY PARK PRESS: Officials: Action needed on ‘Renter Hell’
January 14, 2016

COURIER POST: Billions for Squalor: State’s Rental Housing Plagued by Issues
January 6, 2017

N.J. Restores Program to Help Homeowners Pay Their MortgagesNewsworks October 6, 2016

Blog post by the Partners for Health Foundation on the impact of NJCAEF’s Montclair VITA Program during the 2016 tax season – July 11, 2016

Shark Week Warning at Shore: Predatory Lenders Feasting on Unsuspecting Consumers in Jersey, Elsewhere – Asbury Park Press, July 1, 2016

Surprise Out-of-Network Medical Bills Cost NJ $1B – Daily Journal, June 17, 2016

Google is Right to Target Predatory Lending – Sunday Star Ledger, June 12, 2016

‘Tax Fairness’ must include Increased Earned Income Tax Credit – Sentinel, May 25, 2016

Free Lunch and ForumAsbury Park Coaster, May 12, 2016

(additional media highlights below)

Press Releases

#LeadFreeKidsNJ Campaign Celebrates Victory in Governor Christie’s Announcement on Lead Abatement Funding

Trenton, NJ – Today in a State House Press Conference Governor Christie announced $10 million in the FY2016 budget for lead containment and abatement programs for low and moderate income New Jerseyans, in a huge victory for the #LeadFreeKidsNJ Campaign.

Victory for NJ Consumers and Pension Holders:  State Divests Pension Funds From Illegal Payday Lenders

Trenton, NJ – Today, New Jersey Citizen Action (NJCA) commended the New Jersey State Investment Council (NJSIC) on its announcement that it has formally divested New Jersey pension fund money from JLL Partners, which used millions of pension funds to purchase the second largest predatory payday lender, ACE Cash Express.  ACE was fined $10 million in 2014 by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for its predatory lending and illegal debt collection practices.

New Jersey Citizen Action Kicks Off Annual Opening of Free Tax Preparation Center

NJCA has helped over 26,000 New Jerseyans Claim $40M in refunds, $15M in Earned Income Tax Credit, Over Past Decade of Free Tax Prep Service

Newark, NJ – On Wednesday, January 20, Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, Executive Director of New Jersey Citizen Action, Congressman Donald Payne Jr., Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver, Assemblyman Jamel Holley, Newark Council President Mildred Crump, Internal Revenue service (IRS), and community partners will mark the Annual Opening of NJCA’s Tax Center located at 165 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ 07102.  The event will kick off with a press conference at 10:30 a.m.  There will be photo opportunities with clients receiving free services at the event.

Feds Announce 2 Day Extension For Consumers Seeking Health Coverage Effective January 1

Highland Park, NJ – NJ for Health Care Coalition partners working to educate New Jersey consumers on health options available to them under the Affordable Care Act were pleased with the announcement that consumers will have two additional days to enroll in order to be covered on the first day of the New Year.

NJ for Health Care Coalition Applauds Assembly Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee for Advancing Strong Bill to Protect Consumers from Surprise Medical Bills

Trenton, NJ – Members of the NJ for Health Care Coalition, a diverse collection of organizations which represent health care consumers, applauded the Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee for advancing a strong bill to protect consumers from Surprise Medical Bills.  The bill passed by a majority vote.

Statement on NJ State Investment Council’s Failure to Conclude Divesting State Pension Fund from Illegal Payday Lender

New Jersey Citizen Action (NJCA) expressed great disappointment over the New Jersey State Investment Council’s (NJSIC) failure to formally divest New Jersey pension funds from JLL Partners, which used $50 million of pension funds to purchase the second largest predatory payday lender in the nation, ACE Cash Express.  Back in September, NJSIC indicated that they would complete divesting by its November meeting.  ACE was fined $10 million in 2014 by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for its predatory lending and illegal debt collection practices.

NJ Consumer Advocates Ramp Up Demand for Divestment from Payday Lender

New Jersey Citizen Action and other state advocacy organizations held a press conference to push their demand that the  New Jersey State Investment  Council, (NJSIC) divest New Jersey pension fund money from JLL Partners and the nation’s second largest predatory payday lender, ACE Cash Express.

Media Highlights

Shore Mayors, Local Officials Slan NJNG’s Steep Rate Hike

April 13, 2016 – Dena Mottola Jaborska, Associate Director: “This is the kind of rate hike that you don’t see very often.  Quite frankly, this is not the time to do that. Utility companies are here to serve the public interest.”

Menedez Bill Seeks Protection for Consumers Overwhelmed by Medical Debt

March 25, 2016 – Beverly Brown Ruggia, CRA Organizer:  “One of the leading factors that contributes to foreclosure and bankruptcy is medical debt,” she noted. “The Medical Debt Relief Act will give patients and their families the time to recuperate from the shock of sudden and/or debilitating illness before they have to sort out the financial transactions that result from medical treatment and care.”

New Legislation Would Make NJ’s Lead Reference Level the Same as CDCs

March 14, 2016 – Ann Vardeman, Program Director: “What we’re doing instead of these inspections of single- and two-family rental units for lead, we’re using our children as human lead detectors.”

Add $10M to Budget to Fight Lead Poisoning in NJ’s Kids, Advocates Urge

February 2, 2016 – More children with high blood-lead levels have been found in some of state’s older cities than in Flint, MI.

When Gov. Chris Christie unveils his budget for the next fiscal year on February 15, it ought to include $10 million to fight lead poisoning in New Jersey, community groups urged yesterday.

ACA open enrollment extended due to ‘unprecedented’ demand, traffic on

December 17, 2015After an “unprecedented” number of last-minute calls and clicks to, federal officials are giving people a little more time to sign up for health insurance coverage that begins Jan. 1.

Controversy Arises Over Proposed Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

December 15, 2015On December 16th, New Brunswick City Council will hold a public hearing and, perhaps a final vote, on the city’s proposed Paid Sick Leave Ordinance.

Over 80,000 New Jerseyans find insurance plans under Obamacare ahead of deadline

December 9, 2015 – More than 80,000 people in New Jersey have selected insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act since Nov. 1 and local advocates are canvassing North Jersey to encourage people to sign up before Tuesday’s deadline for coverage starting in January.

‘Greed’ helped stall N.J. bill to curb surprise out-of-network medical costs: lawmaker

December 11, 2015 – Legislation that would prevent New Jersey consumers from getting surprise out-of-network medical bills stalled Thursday when the sponsor pulled it from a committee agenda after learning it did not have enough votes to pass.

NJ coalition blasts proposal to exchange estate tax for gas tax hike

December 3, 2015The hot topic at the State House in Trenton for well over a year has been increasing the gas tax to replenish the nearly bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund. The talk heated up again Tuesday when a coalition called “Better Choice Choices for New Jersey” held a press conference and blasted a long-rumored proposal to eliminate the state’s inheritance and/or estate tax in exchange for the gas tax hike.

N.J. lawmakers take action on surprise out of network medical costs

November 23, 2015 – A state Assembly committee Monday approved legislation that would prevent consumers in New Jersey from getting surprise out-of-network medical bills that can saddle them with huge bills. The measure would require hospitals and doctors to disclose whether they are part of a person’s insurance network before treatment occurs.

Executive Director Phyllis Salowe-Kaye’s op-ed in the Star Ledger

October 15, 2015 – Essex County sets example for N.J. by backing banks that support low-income neighborhoods.

NJTV on our roundtable with Rep. Pallone on the 5 year anniversary of Dodd Frank financial reform.

July 27, 2015